White Coat Sydrome

White Coat Hypertension

What Is White Coat Syndrome?

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Many people experience what has been termed, “white-coat” syndrome or hypertension (high blood pressure). It has been dubbed “white-coat” syndrome due to …

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Dr Martin Myers poses for a photo at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, March 11,

White coat syndrome …

… the doctor told me that my blood pressure was high, but that he wasn’t concerned because it was no doubt the result of the white coat syndrome.


White Coat Hypertension

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White coat hypertension

High Blood Pressure

… pressure is consistently higher at your doctor’s office than it is in your home? You could be experiencing what’s known as White Coat Hypertension.

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Causes of White-coat Syndrome

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White Coat syndrome

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White Coat Hypertension:

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