Short Coat Dog Breeds

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15 Shorthair Dog Breeds

Dalmatian: Once coveted by the fictional Cruella DeVille, Dalmations have sturdy short coats. These loyal dogs require a fair amount of training and a great …

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A beautiful young Greyhound with an incredible smooth coat


Chihuahua (Short coat) …

15 Shorthair Dog Breeds

Short Coat Dog Breeds

Short Coat Dog Breeds

A beautiful little Basenji with a hypoallergenic coat


A lovely young Bull Terrier with a short hypoallergenic coat

Black and White Short Coat Dog Closeup Photography #42542

Ancestors of dogs focus on Weimaraner, comparison other breeds including Sloughi”,

Vizslas are short-haired and easy to groom

Short- and smooth-coated dogs come in all sizes.

black and fawn short coated dog preview

Unlike other dogs that love to swim, vizslas don’t have an insulating undercoat. On the plus side, they have very little odor and don’t need a ton of …

Chihuahua (Short coat) …

Weimaraner (Short/smooth coat)

Tan Short Coat Dog

Closeup photo of medium gray short-coat dog in Berlin, Germany. #1068352973

A pack of English Foxhounds with beautiful short smooth coats

Grey Hound: tall and slender, with short hair and a lower fat to muscle mass ratio, Grey Hounds battle to retain body heat and can be at risk of …

… occur in both long- and short-haired breeds. Understanding the type of coat your dog has will enable you to provide proper grooming to keep your dog’s …

Such as Dobermann, Pinscher, Rottweiler and French Bulldog, it helps to hydrate dog’s coat and skin, helping to give healthy shiny coat. Short coat breed …”,