Dogs With Short Coats


Dog Breeds with Short Hair. Affenpinscher. Affenpinscher ยท American Foxhound

1. Italian Greyhound

Weimaraner on a leash

American Staffordshire Terrier


2. Boston Terrier

Dalmatian: Once coveted by the fictional Cruella DeVille, Dalmations have sturdy short coats. These loyal dogs require a fair amount of training and a great …


15 Shorthair Dog Breeds

Short Haired Dog Breeds

4. Harrier

A beautiful young Greyhound with an incredible smooth coat

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Short Coat Dog Breeds

One way to avoid shedding is to select a small hairless dog breed. Chinese Crested come in two coat types: hairless and powderpuff.”,

Weimaraner The AKC characterizes Weimaraners as friendly, obedient and fearless. If you’re a runner, this sporting dog can quickly become your best friend!

Boston Terrier: These have a silky short coat, and are the perfect blend of playful, cheerful and gentle, making them a great family dog.

Dogs With Short Coats

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Boston Terrier, smiling while looking up at camera

wirehaired-dachshundUSE long haired black short-haired-dachshund-dog

Many people mistakenly believe short-haired dogs don’t shed, but they do, and those little hairs can be bristly. Winslow, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, …”,